About Omikuji lottery

Omikuji lottery

About Omikuji lottery

What is Omikuji ?

A written oracle; a piece of paper on which your fortune is written, sold at shrines or temples. After drawing one stick from a box of them, you are given a piece Great Luck (Daikichi), Luck(Shokichi), Small Luck (Hankichi), or Ill fate (Kyo), with a short explanation added. Customarily , If you draw luckey lottery, you shuld keep it as a talisman. If you draw ill fate, you should draw again (once only) . Praying either that a good prediction may come true or that ill fortune may be driven away by the spiritual power of the deity.

This Omikuji Lottey on this site was made in the Edo period (200 years ago) by the 14th Rev. Tekko Daiken daiosyo of Teishoin temple.

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